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Download KeywordXP Long Tail Keyword Research Tool Free

Get KeywordXP Free and Start gathering thouosands of profitable low competition Long Tail Keywords. Keywordxp is a simple, easy to use and great keyword research tool that allows you to harvest long tail keywords that people are actually searching in search engines. Talking about SEO of a blog or website I give most importance to keyword research as your whole SEO campaign basically relies on your keyword research. I personally thinks that if you get propper long tail keywords with extremely low competition than you are 90 % successful in your SEO campaign.

It is very difficult to do research on harvesting long tail keywords with low competition manually but their are a lot of tools that let you to do research on your desired niche. I personally tried many tools to do keyword research but KeywordXP is the best tool which I like most. I use KeywordXP along with Long Tail Pro Platinum and I gain many long tail keywords with low competitions. In this post you will download KeywordXP free and details about its useage.


Download KeywordXP Free

How to Do Research Long Tail Keywords Using KeywordXP

As I already mention that KeywordXP is an easy to use tool, you only need to place your basic keyword and click on search to gather long tail keywords. When done go to pro section and analyze all keyword result. You need to check competition here which should be under .05 value. If you get keywords with competition value under .05 you can easily rank it on google etc. According to me best keyword should based upon minimum search volume 1000, CPC 1$ and competition .05. If you get keywords around these figures you are starting a perfect SEO campaign.

KeywordXP Features

Following are KeywordXP main features

  • Long Tail keyword Research
  • Get Monthly Search Volume
  • Get Keyword Competition
  • Get Trending Keywords
  • Domain Availability Check
  • Title Tag Generator

Try this unique keyword research tool and enjoy. If you have any question about keywordxp don’t hesitate to ask us on our official facebook page. Do share this post with your friends.

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