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Download Scrapebox 1.16.3 Free

Get Scrapebox 1.16.3 Free. Scrapebox is a unique software that is used to create backlinks for your website or blog. Creating backlinks is an important factor in ranking of your keyword in search engines like google, bing and yahoo etc. Building backlinks has become complicated after recent Google Penguine Update. Many websites and blogs lost their ranking in google due to bad backlinks. Now Google only loves backlinks that are good. What is a good backlink? well any backlink to your site or blog which is created on a site or blog which is specifically related to your niche. So its hard to find related niche blogs and get backlinks from their. Here Scrapebox helps you in creating good backlinks. According to my point of view creating 1000 backlinks on non related niche blog or website is bad but creating 100 backlinks on related niche blog or website is a good off page optimization practise. I have seen many SEO experts using Scrapebox 1.16.3 along with Senuke XCr for ceating backlinks and they are having successful SEO campaigns. Also Download Auto Approve Edu Blog List as well to use scrapebox in right way.

Download Scrapebox 1.16.3

Scrapebox 1.16.3 Features

Scrapebox is a magical backlink builder tools which not only allows you to create backlinks but it also let you to search your niche related blogs where you can drop your links. Following are Scrapebox 1.16.3 main features:

  • Link Harvester
  • url Harvester
  • Proxy Harvester
  • Auto Commenter

Download Scrapebox 1.16.3 Free

How to Use Scrapebox 1.16.3

After Downloading Scrapebox perform the following operations Step by Step


scrapebox 1.16.3

Now your scrapebox is open you need to harvest urls of your niche related blogs. But before going to harvest urls you need to harvest proxies. Scrapebox offers built in proxy harvester that let you to grab working proxies. Go for it and gather working proxies. Proxies are necessary for harvesting urls as it prevent your ip to get banned. After harvesting proxies go to keywords section and enter your desired keyword and start harvesting related urls. When done harvesting start creating backlinks by using comment poster. Scrapebox is really easy to use software that let you to create great backlinks to your website.

Remeber if your website is new or have low domain authority do not use scrapebox directly to your website or blog. Try to use it in tier 2 or tier 3. Make some web 2.0 blogs that links to your main website and than get backlinks from scrapebox to your web 2.0 blogs. This will help your domain to get more authority and will help you to improve your keywords rankings. If you like my post than don’t forget to share it on your social media profiles.

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