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How to Get Working Ninja Blaster Facebook Group Poster Free

Learn How to Get Working Ninja Blaster Free. Ninja Blaster is best Facebook Auto Group Poster software that was recently launched by best marketing co. Recently some one purchased Ninja Blaster and shared that with our blog but due to update issues that file is not working any more. After doing some research I figured out to run Ninja Blaster for free. Follow these instructions and enjoy

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How to Get Working Ninja Blaster Free Tutorial

  1. Create another user in your windows. For example if you are using windows 7 as admin just add another user from control pannel
  2. Don’t grant admin access to this user
  3. After Creating user account log off as admin and log in as other user you created
  4. Download Ninja Blaster from the following link
  5. After Downloading Install Ninja Blaster in new window user account
  6. You will get 3 days trial to use. Use this trial
  7. When your trial period expire remove ninja blaster from your system
  8. Delete the windows account and create a new one again and download Ninja Blaster again from link given in this post
  9. You will again get 3 days trial period.

This is the only free way to enjoy ninja blaster free. I hope you can understand. As soon as we get any update we will share it with you.