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iPhone 6 Fast Charging in Just 15 Minutes

Learn technique of iPhone 6 Fast Charging. Do you own an iPhone 6 and want to know the technique of iPhone 6 Fast Charging in just 15 minutes? Or maybe, iPhone 6 plus? Ever got frustrated because of the time taken to get iPhone 6 completely charged? Here’s an easy way to charge you iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus in less than 15 minutes or can take up to 20 minutes to fully charge your iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Fast Charging in 15 Minutes

Yes, whatever you’re reading is true. CES 2015 has been a great event for all nerds around the world, with all these technologies being public. In CES 2015, iBattz revealed their super charger for iPhone 6, that will get in charged fast, and you’re going to love this.
iBattz asap for iphone 6.

iPhone 6 Fast Charging

Your iPhone 6 will probably loose its juice when you need it the most, and then its going to take you around 2 hours to get in charged. ibattz have solution for you. The new charged called ASAP Charger have 20-volts, 2 ampere power pack that charge your iPhone from 0% to 100% fast, while you’re listening to some songs.

The normal charger that comes with your iPhone have 5-volt, 1 ampere charger. This supercharger comes two sizes, 5600mAh and 11,200mAh.
Unfortunately, this supercharger is not yet available for sale. So, we can’t tell you about the pricing. You can check their website and get your hands on more products like iPhone 5 battery care to charge your iPhone 5 and 5S even faster!
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